Victoria Morales (gura_kruor) wrote in writersclub,
Victoria Morales

Escaflowne — Fanfiction

Title: Boku wa on'nanoko!
Category: Escaflowne
Disclaimer: I don't own Escaflowne characters, only "the child" aka Twenty-seven.
Rating: M for future chapters.
Summary: Childfic. They met during their childhood in Zaibach labs, only the fittest will see a new day and the most skilled prevail. Both are part of an experiment to raise the best captains and soldiers. Elements of the film, Anime/Mangas & CD Dramas. 27 is an amnesiac boyish girl with psychic powers. Sorry for the grammar.
Pairing: Dilandau Albatou / OC
Chapters: IIIIIIIV Pt1IV Pt2
Status: Ongoing — Hiatus — Correcting
Genre: Tragedy / Action / Adventure / Romance

By the way, this is my first fanfic and the first time posting in this community, so be gentile, please? *x* If the grammar or the spelling are bad or monstrous abominations is because I'm good at reading in english but terrible writing it. Please R & R!
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