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Hi everyone! I just started writing my first fan-fiction. I've been writing for almost ten years, usually short stories or poetry. I thought I'd try my hand at fan-fiction, hoping it will help me to work on my novel writing skills. : ) I'd love some readers, especially with reviews! Thank you!

Title: Breathing in Sequence.
Category: Twilight Fan-fiction; Books.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Twilight-related; I am just a fangirl.
Rating: Mature. For "questionable" themes.
Summary: Picking up in the hospital after Bella is lured into the dance studio, we find that it was actually Laurent who attacked her. Crushed by his inability to be better for Bella, Edward retreats into himself until he finally leaves Bella alone in the woods, hoping that she will be able to go back to a normal life. But as even Edward once said, he is not always the most dangerous thing in those woods. Struggling to come to terms with herself and her life, Bella searches for something, anything. Distancing herself from friends and family, Bella seems doomed to a life of empty loneliness. That is, until she runs in to the last person she would have expected.
Pairings: Laurent+Victoria. A/J. C/E. R/E. I won't say who Bella is with. :P
Author's Notes: Please read and review! I'd love to get some feedback. Also, this fic may have some ethically questionable content; and that in no way means i support/condone/etc the actions. It is simply part of the plot, and if you are okay with that than please feel free to read. : ) Also, in order to read the chapters you need to "join" the community. It's hardly a community though, it's entirely my fanfiction and I'm the only one with posting access. It's open membership & all that.

prologue | chapter one | chapter two
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